About the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia

The Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA) is the leading authority for Aboriginal health in Western Australia. We exist to support and act on behalf of our 23 Member Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) across the state, offering support, advocacy and influence; building capacity and strengthening the Sector to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal people and their Communities.

Central to this work is striving to support and promote the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector Model of Care, a model that is built around the delivery of comprehensive, holistic, and culturally secure primary health care services. 

Our vision is for Aboriginal people to enjoy the same level of health and wellbeing as all Western Australians. 

We work to enhance and promote the ACCHS Model of Care as best practice primary health care for Aboriginal people and Communities and support and strengthen our Member Services to achieve excellence in the delivery of health care services. 

AHCWA leads and influences the state and national Aboriginal policy agenda as determined by our Member Services. We work to grow and advance the capacity and capability of AHCWA and our Member Services for long term sustainability.

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Aboriginal Health Council of WA

450 Beaufort Street 

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